Saturday, November 17, 2012

Campdrafting - Some pics.

I have seen quite a few sports and new things since taking up photography and I am learning all of the time. Today was camp drafting.

OK in a nutshell, it is a sport involving good horsemanship, regular training, a strong relationship with your horse, planning skills, decision making and you and your horse need to look good too....seriously......

There is a yard called a "camp", around eight to ten cattle are put into the camp and then the competitor rides in, and has to choose a particular beast from the mob. Then the competitor has to get the chosen beast away from the mob which is call called the cutout, the rider moves the beast onto the course and has to meet three challenges, around a first peg, up and around peg number two, then around peg three and through a "gate".

There are up to 26 points for cutout, 4 points for the course and up to 70 points for horse skills.

I was there for a training session and so it was difficult to work out the best place to stand. But like all photography working out the details aka shutter speed, aperture and iso takes some practice and familiarity with the actual sport.

Here are some pics I took........

Also see post from the Sunday session more from the Photographic Viewpoint
All Pics from both days can be seen at actionpactpix

Some coaching whilst training

The "beasts" await their turn

Watching and waiting

This little guy gets his run on the training ground

Practising in the "Camp"

Which way is this guy going?

The action is FAST

Fast and Furious........

Changing direction.....

Being coached on the course

It was fun for all

Coaching on the finer points on the camp section

Lined up for their turn, all ears.

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