Monday, September 24, 2012


Well I went along to the Ride 4 Epilepsy again this year to take pictures for them. After last years ride at Sandown, I was excited to do it again and considering last year was my first big event shoot, it was all a bit overwhelming and the photos took a long time to process, this year I knew what I was in for.

Well due to another big ride (The Amy Gilett ride), clashing with this ride, numbers were down on last year, and with a change of venue, it was fantastic to see the Epilepsy foundation again organise a successful ride to raise some funds for a very worthy cause.

This year the weather was great for riding, and despite a big cloud cover, it was great to see so many people take on THUNDERDOME and the Calder Park raceway, to get out on their bikes, bikes of all sizes and tyres of all widths.......riding up that tough back straight hill, and back to smash out another lap where the V8's also smash out the laps!

Seriously I cannot say enough good things about epilepsy, they have a lot of volunteers who put in an enormous amount of time to help those with epilepsy cope with an enormous range of issues, from coping with diagnosis and "what to do now" to being an all important ear for parents and sufferers that feel isolated from the world.

I was diagnosed in 2009, and thank the foundation enormously for listening, when I needed their help.

Pics should be up by tomorrow night at, but for now here is a selection:-

Loved the colours of Calder Park

Some were racing (or so it looked)

Bringing the family took on a whole new meaning

These two girls put in a huge ride

This young girl raised a lot of money for Epilepsy - an awesome effort for someone so young

Happy to be here

Total Rush were well represented again...

As were theses guys in matching Tour De Heartland racing kits on

At 8am may started the ride.....but during the day more were added and some had a break

Lots of interesting things at Calder park

Time keepers had a morning of BEEP BEEP

Matching bikes......looking fast

Riding like a champion

Any bike will take on the Thunderdome for Epilepsy

Joffa does a lot of work for Epilepsy Victoria.....and was welcomed by Epilepsy Victoria staff

Calder Park was the place to be

A mobile home centre replaced the pits at Sandown

Style on the Dome

The rider who covered the greatest distance of the day - David McClain

All ages were welcomed

Mechanical issues were also fixed on the day

Handlebar moustaches were welcomed along with handlebars!

The big hill at the back was a test

Taking in the views from the back seat

At the end of the day, we were proud to have raised some funds for a good cause

Team Kelly who smashed Sandown last year were back

Happy to be here

The massage team were ready and many received a welcomed massage on the day

Everyone was enjoying the ride

Epilepsy Victoria made to feel welcome
IT is always a good day when St John get to rest!

The band played all day.

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