Friday, November 18, 2011

161111 - Hazelwod Pondage Race - Face pulling competition!

Well my lens got its third outing this week off to Hazelwood Pondage with me and Shane (who was racing). Latrobe City Club are a really friendly club and they had 4 grades of racing on a Wednesday night and it was really exciting. The best part was that it is laps of a 12km circuit so A & B did 4 laps and C & D did 3 and I could move around the course easily, in the opposite direction to the riders and that made it easy for me to find good vantage points.

Hazelwood Pondage is smack bang part of Hazelwood Power Station and there are a lot of exciting bits and pieces around which you can use as backgrounds. There is also a lot of farming area as well. Fortunately the sun was in a reasonable place, but it was quite bright and so I reallyhad to think about my location for that reason. I wanted some good locations but what I got was a Face Pulling Competition...........seriously it was good to see riders workig so hard at the finish......

I guess the pictures show an overall enjoyment of racing, some great places to be to take pics and some good solid racing....and spitsy!. Oh by the way I have put 100 pics on my website "Hazelwood Pondage Gallery!" (I think I got pics of everyone, but I am a bit biased toward A grade for obvious reasons!)

Hazelwood really has some fantastic vantage points so I want to get back there and try some new angles and get more familiar with my new lens..........

Weather was great and the
hills were tough....

This road was going to provide
a great shot somehow

This was my favorite shot of the night

Poor Glen is between a sprinters battle!

Tunksy talks and we all listen
----Don't we???
Happy before the race

and during the race

But after the race the
tickets were spent

Oh I am being photographed
Better put race face on!!

This could be a caption comp
Tongue out sprinting to win

Finished - Thank goodness
Tongue out sprinting

More tongues out?
Is this a face pulling comp?
Just a relieved look

Tongues out was the order of the night
Spitsy started the trned on the
first lap!

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