Monday, November 29, 2010

New website

Well after a lot of work and downloading/uploading, I have finally got my new website all ready to rumble and it is awesome. I utilised Photomerchant to host the website and they are an Australian based group that then arrange printing of any orders which is a real bonus as for say cycling photos and some basic pictures, I think having that option from an outside source is fantastic and then I can concentrate on the taking of pictures and getting the main core part of the business up and running and I have got some ideas for projects to complete early to really move my creative side........Will write more later in the week, for now I am working on the website which has
- Cycling galleries
- Art and Conceptual galleries where I can show off my creative side
- Portraits and People - private galleries obly open to those featured
- Special Events for those special photo shoots that are for a purpose.

see website at

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