Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wellington Cycling Club - ITT 2012

Although the photography is the main reason for this entry, being involved in cycling for so long, I just can't help but expand on the day.......scroll down for some pics.

Today was showdown day, the day where dreams are made and egos shattered, if you take the dramatic approach but reality is, it was the Wellington Cycling Club ITT.

Facebook had reported:-

"Ladies and Gentlemen here are the odds for this weekends ITT. We have word that Dove has been training hard to regain the title before he books a room in a retirement home !!!!
Looks like N Jehu could be living in the shadows of brother chris !!! Will the holden rider get there ? and were has Ben Dowsett been ?. Rumour has it that Whitford will be more aero than a six year old on a bmx !!!.
So that leaves the odds:
Dove 3/1, Arnup 5/1, Jehu Keane Whitford Glover Cotterill 10/1Jehu Sword Hill Vardy 15/1 Trevorrow Armstrong Ullrich Opperman Dasher 100/1. Dont think Dowsett will turn up due to his inability to perform under trying conditions and Late scratchings in Renehan and Read to give others an opportunity to win. any feedback on these numbers would be greatly appreciated"

There was a lot of ego inflating trash talk that followed and I can safely report a follow on from the FB comment

- Dove - training paid off and he finished 2nd!! BUT no retirement home just yet
- Where is Ben Dowsett? 
- Jehu now in shadow of brother AND  brothers girlfriend now 
- Whitford almost aero (not quite as aero as Arnup as photos demonstrate!)
- Renehan and Read had enough trouble with technology, never mind racing. Renehan last heard writing results and then commenting that "my PEN has RUNOUT, Has anyone got another one? Lucky he then got to use a "David McQuillen biro, but during presentations, the presidents laptop battery ran out.....HMMMMM

Speaking of technology, it was obvious that all club members are slowly building some great gear, aero helmets, disc wheels and oiled legs were in abundance. 

Full results to be available on Wellington Cycling Club website as soon as they have been collated and checked and rechecked and full pics will be available at actionpactpix late tonight (Sunday night). 

Other items of note:- Former Bairnsdale rider Dan McConnell has made Olympic team in Mountain Bike riding, and TODAY Sale resident (aka as Homeless Dan??) Dan Jones has been featured in the Sunday Sun in an article about his progression as a videographer for Green Edge cycling.....Get onto his Backstage Pass Videos a great insight into Life in the Tour De France......
Who is more "aero"? You decide

Cotts thought that being first off the mark, he could win.......THIS IS NOT A HANDICAP COTTS!!


Happy Spectators along the way

OK, maybe some photos should be in the DO NOT PUBLISH bin!...oops

You want to hold my seat where?

Oh There!
Lucky there was help around......hard to get good help these days!
Carrying the weight of expectation
Game face - Check!

Time trialling...vintage bike style......But with all the modern gear.

Tough on the road

Did anybody notice the view?

Hating Time Trials (Not sure if it was grimace or smile???)

Just another day on the bike.......Great weather = great ride
Sprinting to the finish
After missing his start by 10 seconds.......tough ride
New Club Champion

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