Monday, April 23, 2012

Kristy - Holden Team Rider - Photoshoot

The Wellington Cycling Club asked me to shoot some pics of Kristy Glover who is now riding for the Holden Women's Cycling Team. Wellington Cycling Club are holding a Come and Try Day on May 13th which is about demonstrating what cycling is about. Info can be found here on Facebook - heaps to see and do!

Kristy first became interested in cycling after attending a "come and try" day several years ago put on by the club and found she just loved riding and being a dedicated and determined girl, just kept pushing herself and getting better and better. With several members of the club helping to coach new riders improve in the sport, it is fantastic to see Kristy move to now racing with a new Women's cycling team, currently racing in the National Road Series. Fresh from her ride back home on the Spirit of Tasmania after racing the Mersey Valley Womens Tour, Kristy is heading off to Queensland in only a couple of weeks to race the Battle on the Borders in Coolangatta. It is certainly an exciting time.

In the Mersey Valley Tour, Kristy was racing for team GC rider Miranda Griffiths and the Holden team ended up being able to claim a stage victory with Miranda and overall Miranda secured 2nd place overall, but it is a team effort and after talking to Kristy about her experience she said:-

" It was the hardest racing I have done"
" Racing to support another rider is hard work and I have never spent so much time at the front of the bunch!"

I asked Kristy if she ever felt like she was not going to be able to get to the end of a stage and she said "all the time", given that Kristy rode the gruelling Mt Baw Baw classic only a week prior to this testing, extremely hilly circuit, I think she is justified to feeling that way.

Here are some of the snaps we got just before the heavens opened up and it started raining........

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