Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bike Club Photographer

I went along to the race again this week as the new publicity officer (I dont think the club publicity officer knows that I have taken over completely, but given that I was assistant and he has recently said that he is very busy at work, I dont think he will fact welcome it with open arms...)
Winners are Grinners
I just couldnt resist this one on the BLOG!

I will just put in a disclaimer here, that the article I wrote for the local paper last week was sent with 4 photos of which they had to choose as many as they wanted to publish.....NOT ALL THE PHOTOS HAD SHANE IN THEM and truthfully only ONE DID and it was the one they published........This is not some kind of Shane Dove publicist gig here!

Taking pics at bike races is challenging because:-

- As much as you want to do the arty farty stuff, people really just want to see a picture of themselves
- Pictures of cows are irrelevant even though I happen to find them funny and interesting!
- People want to look fast (but not be pulling those silly faces you pull when you are hurting - Smile through the pain people!!!)
- Where to stand as a nice backdrop looks good BUT by the time you cut out most of it to centre on the rider, it is a waste of time hunting around for it anyway.

I find them funny and cute (and POSERS!)
So I have a load of pics available here on my website. There are around 50 pics on two pages!. I took around 230 photos, but aside from a lot of similar copies and some blurry ones I just put on a group where I think I have a few of everyone that raced today (because people really like to see pictures of themselves...seriously they do....or is it just me?)
Kristy with her "race face" on!

Well done to John Verey for the big win in the Limit Bunch and John Bodey for second place and then Olivia for third (That magic handlebar tape is still working). Kristy Glover rode really strongly to finish fourth after I saw her doing a power of work on the road and it was fantastic to see Alec and Grant working together towards the end. Fastest time of the day (just quickly) was Shane Dove, who rode ok...not sure what to say now as I am nervous about pumping up his tyres....Another strong ride was from Nick Jehu who has found his Achilles heel is the longer hills and great to see Chris Ray on an outing with the club exploring the ROAD.

I am sure the times will be up on the club website in the next few days.
Chris Jehu ready to go!

Overall a good race and great to see so many have kept their fitness over the cold and darker winter months and now unleashing the power ready for a great up and coming season. :)
Paul Dashwood broke away from his bunch and pushed on riding almost the whole race alone!
Nearly forgot to mention Allan Rankin who did a power of work in running the handicap today. WELL DONE!

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