Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting some Street Cred

I jumped on a train yesterday and headed to the big smoke........met up with a friend there and we had a huge day planned.........

NOT LOTS OF LATTES IN ALL THE FUNKY CAFES (I might have had a couple!!!)...

We were doing street the city.......Oh and when I took my camera out of my bag I realised it had no Effing Memory card in it as it was still in the card reader attached to the computer...So First stop was TEDS!

My friend Ellen has been doing Street Photography for a while and knows the tricks and the haunts and what to look for, it is not just about taking photos of unsuspecting people. Good Street Photography looks at light and patterns and shadows and the unexpected and color and all of the basic composition of normal photography, so you have to think about what might be interesting.

Basically we hung out a Hosier Lane, Flinders Street and Fed Square! and Bourke Street Mall and just walked around and tried to look inconspicuous a lot

Here are my faves from the day:-

Loved the blue tee against the blue subject of the artwork. Blue and Orange basically complementary colors and all that jazz

Look for pattern four people all sitting almost the same "safe distance" apart.

It is the story of the graffiti artist a lone paint can sits there now all used up

I just liked the cans and how they added to the graffiti story!

You need to use all angles and all the people in the photo as you can see the actual performer is not the main subject

This is an example of pattern as the two guys in the photo have the same arm action

I was determined to get a picture of these horses.....

I liked the look and the stairs and the whole "story"

Just a chillin look and the light was kind of neat on a white shirt
I will be putting some of these images up on Red Bubble and you can see some of Elle's street cred pics hereon her Street Collections on Red Bubble.

So I saw some bargains in Melbourne but came home with a lot of pictures instead. Look I took a lot of pics and there are a few half decent ones, but for now I thought I would just explain what I was looking for, composition and practice.......It was a lot of fun and I will be back to do it again someday.....SOON

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