Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wellington Cycling Club - Presentations

I write this on my photography blog, but I took pictures of the WCC Chrissy Teams Time Trial last night as well as the presentations that followed. The pics are all just pics, with no fancy effects or anything, just pics. The club had a great night (I say that as it was at my house), and the annual awards were presented
A Grade - Dave Arnup was the main winner
B Grade - Mike Renehan (we ask why he is riding B grade ....note he is the handicapper and next year plans on claiming his retirement bonus...translated that means he can ride B grade even though he will be riding/training a lot in retirement so watch out Mr Arnup)....
C Grade - Kevin Read - You can buy some of the rare limited edition K Read teams time trial medallions on ebay - Check them out - Kevin Read MEdallions on Ebay

So the pics from last night will be on the website from later on today (I have just started loading them) you want to check them out.

The happy Grade Aggregate winners

The very happy (must be something he ate) Mike Renehan Perpetual Award winner

"Come on Kristy"

The gratuitousscenic shot (it is a photography blog)

Chris promised to wear Ready close to his heart - maybe he will bid on Ebay?
It was a successful night, great weather and lots of drinking (rehydrating and carbo-loading).........Looking forward to another great year with the club, lots of exciting races coming up next year.

For now the pics are on the web...give them some time as they are loading and take a while.......

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